4 Tile Patterns You Will Love

Tiling is a great way to make your space feel like your own. There are many different patterns such as the herringbone or the metro tile pattern – but today, we’re going to be covering 4 other tile patterns you will love! 

The Brick Bond:

One of the more common options you might find in the kitchen or bathroom is the Brick Bond pattern. This is the classic ‘brick stacking’ look and has been used for centuries. 

There are different types of brick bonding tile patterns you will love – but for now, we’re going to focus on the classic look.

You can use this style anywhere your heart desires. Try lining the wall, the shower area, or creating a splashback behind your bathroom sink.  

How do you do it?

Use a rectangular tile that has a height of at least half the size of its width when laid lengthways. Then you can simply lay your tiles horizontally with an offset of 50%.

You can mix and match different colours to create a unique effect. Try lining the base with a darker colour or alternating with two similar shades. 

Brick bond tile pattern being placed on the wall by a tradesman. One of the 4 tile patterns you will love.

Linear Patterns: 

Next up on our list is the linear pattern. This look is completed by using square tiles and stacking them perfectly next to each other in a line. 

There size and colour of the tiles are completely up to you. We have seen walls pulled off with using a single colour and others composed of 5 plus colours. 

You can also choose accent areas with this tiling pattern, simply by switching the colour in the are you would like to draw attention to. 

If you see in the example below – they have chosen to use the same pattern with a different colour tile to really let that area pop! 

A linear patterned wall with white square tiles. Pink square tiles are placed on the sink in front of it continuing the design with a bit of colour

Hexagon Tile Pattern:

This is a tile pattern you will love! It is underdone and is a great way to make a statement. 

The hexagon pattern is playful and bright, it makes a great addition to any bathroom. Both adults and children are sure to appreciate it. 

There are a couple of different ways you can achieve this unique and satisfying look. 

You can connect each side, space them out evenly or even roll out a mosaic.

It is important to note that it takes time and is best left to a professional. If you want to have your bathroom looking as best as it can, we always recommend using someone who knows exactly what they are doing.  

Tri colour hexagonal pattern placed on the floor.

We like seeing people have fun with this by using different textures, colours and more!

Rhombus Tiles: 

Making cubes out of diamond-shaped tiles is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. You can choose to use this pattern on your wall or the floor. 

By mixing and matching the colours of your tiles you can create an illusion of depth. 

You can go down a more playful route by using bright colours or soft pastels. Alternatively, you can choose a more sophisticated style by choosing neutral tones or shades of grey. 

There are different ways you can choose to lay these rhombus shaped slats as well, but our favourite has to be the cube-shaped method. 

White rhombus tiles placed in a way that creates a cube illusion


Choosing patterns you will love is so important! There is a whole range of clays, patterns, shapes and sizes. Before you make any decisions – we highly recommend testing out a few different ways before diving in. 

We always recommend hiring a professional to help you achieve a clean look, these things take a lot of skill. 

When choosing your perfect tile pattern – remember to have fun! 

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