5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Whether you’re updating your home bathroom for a loved one or want to ensure your office or retail bathrooms have the best experience – accessibility is key. Today, we are sharing 5 simple tips that will make your bathroom more accessible. 

Wall Hung Basin: 

A wall-hung basin will allow a wheelchair user to get right up into where they need to go! There are so many stylish options available to choose from. You can find some classic and traditional variations or sleek and modern. 

Wet Rooms:

A wet room is a great option for anyone! There are no doors that you need to open and close, no lifting into bathtubs – just quality design while maximising space. This stylish option can be completely customised by you. Many people are integrating wet rooms in their homes today. 

Open Cupboards:

When you opt-out of the door on your cupboard, you get shelves! These work extremely well for anyone who has trouble pulling and moving their hands. It can also reduce the time spent searching for particular items. 

Low Slip Tiles:

For a safe environment and to reduce the risk of potential falls, opt for a low-slip option. Not only is this a great option to make your shower more accessible but a safer option for all loved ones in your home, including yourself! 

Add Handles:

Handles can be added all over your bathroom to ensure a safety net for any purpose. Whether it’s walking into the shower or coming off of the toilet. Handlebars can make the users feel more secure and comfortable using the bathroom alone. 

Now that you have 5 new ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible – it’s time to get going! If you are looking for a bathroom fitter in Bristol, contact us! Our team are available Monday – Friday and are here to answer any questions you may have. 

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