Back To Black: Selecting Your Dark Colour Scheme

As you may have read in our Bathroom Design Trends for 2020 blog, dark colour schemes are stealing the scene this year. We are loving the deep and rich hues that quickly turn a room from boring to adoring. A dark pallet can improve so much about the way your room is expressing itself. Think tranquil, deluxe, and luxurious. Today we’ll be helping you select your dark colour scheme. 

How To Choose Your Paint Colour:

Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom can be more of a challenge compared to the other rooms in your home. There are a lot of parts that go into making a bathroom look and feel cohesive. Think tiles, flooring, taps, and of course lighting. 

Any furniture you have in your bathroom, such as a vanity or lounge seat, you’ll most likely want to fit into your colour scheme as well. 

Pro-Tip: We LOVE a dark colour scheme in a small bathroom – done correctly!

People often feel like a smaller space has to be packed with white or light colours. Instead, paint your bathroom with some deep, strong colour on a statement wall to create a completely different scene that isn’t dull or lifeless. 

We’re going to break down a few of our favourite options below to help you choose your paint colour (or colours). 

Black & White: 

If you’re not ready to dive into the deep end with dark colours, a classic black and white combination could be exactly what you need in your life. 

This is where modern and art deco styles shine – and of course, chrome accents work incredibly well. 

Gorgeous black and white bathroom with a dark colour scheme

Grey Bathroom Paint:

A grey scaled bathroom can ooze a chic and sophisticated look. Whether you’re experimenting with an array of greys in your furniture and extra touches or simply going in with a bold accent wall – this colour scheme is one that will never go out of date. 

A grey look allows you to play with many different shades. Of course, we think a dark and deep grey would make for an incredible and relaxing environment, but there are more neutral ones out there that look amazing too. 

Play around with a few different options, mix and match, but most importantly – have fun!

Stunning greyscale bathroom with a tub and modern basic all keeping to a Dark Colour Scheme

Grey furniture provides the perfect way to introduce this calming shade to your bathroom. You could fit a grey vanity unit, grey accents such as bath mats and matching towels. 

You could even complete the look with a heated towel rack in chrome. 

Deep Hues with Gold:

What more classic and regal combination is out there? There is nothing more luxurious and deluxe than gold and deep rich hues of blue, purple and black. 

Get lost in relaxation and feel your best when surrounded by these incredible colours. 

The best bathroom colour schemes and paint colours are out there. You just have to experiment with them until you find one that is perfect for you. 

black and gold bathroom. Golden shower and marble walls.

In this example, gold is only introduced in areas such as taps, showerheads and other metal linings. You could experiment with other colours here too such as rose gold or brass. 


There are so many incredible colour schemes you can create. The possibilities are quite literally endless. 

If you’re wanting to update your bathroom with rich, deep hues then we highly recommend it. These colours have a way of making us just melt into relaxation and love coming into our bathroom every single day. 

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