Bathroom Lighting Safety Information

Lighting is very important for functionality and aesthetic but it’s not just about looks – bathroom lighting safety is very important when selecting what lighting you’d like to see in your home.

If you’re trying to create a feeling or vibe in your bathroom then you’ll need to experiment and research a few different options, but you’ll also need to make sure you’re looking at the right type of lighting for that area of your bathroom. That’s why we’ll be discussing different zones and what lighting should be used there. 

Now, don’t get too caught up in this if it feels a bit confusing. Our team are here to help you select the perfect items both for their appearance and their safety features. 

Zone 0: Lighting Inside the Shower or Bath

Lighting inside the shower or bath falls into the Zone 0 category. 

This can be used to create a gorgeous and luxurious feeling when you get in to take a soak. 

You’ll need to select low voltage options for this area (12v max). You’ll also need an IP rating of at least IP67. An IP44 light is not suitable for this area.

Zone 1: 2.25m  Above the Bath or Shower Tray

Lighting placed above the bath or shower tray can be truly elegant. Some of our favourite examples include hanging lights that resemble falling stars. 

In this zone, a minimum rating of IP44 is required. However, we recommend a higher rated IP65 Light is used if the light is to be fitted in the shower.

Zone 2: Lighting the Space Above the Bath or Shower

Think of this area as the space above zone 1. This zone also includes the area around your sink in a 60cm radius. Lighting in this area should be at least IP44 and spans 0.6 outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor.

Zone 3: The Bathroom Walls

If your space has no running water (sink, shower or bath) and won’t be cleaned with a power cleaning water jet – then you can play around with any lights your heart desires. 

Selecting Bathroom Lighting for Safety: 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you’re ready to design and supply the lighting in your bathroom – you’re not alone. 

Our team has been doing this for over 15 years, and safety always comes first. 

Visit our Contact Page and choose your favourite method of communication to get in touch. 

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