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Here in Bristol, and everywhere else around the world – you’ll find that the kitchens are always the heart of the home. Your kitchen is a space where you can nurture and treat yourself along with the people you love. It is an opportunity to explore and entertain. Due to the kitchen’s multi-use, it’s important to have good design at the core. Bristol based kitchen designers are here for you. Not only do they understand your needs in a practical sense but also want to help you expand into those wants. 

The layout of the kitchen

The kitchen can be used as a place to can hide away and get lost in new recipes or it can be a place to socialise while you try to cook a friend’s favourite meal. Finding out what a kitchen means to you is the first step in making sure the design is going to fit your needs and wants. 

If you have a large family or love to entertain you’ll want to explore the option of large drawers and maybe even some overhead hanging storage for your pots and pans. Alternatively, if you cater to a smaller crowd you may want to conserve your space and focus on dining space rather than storage, as you’ll be needing fewer plates, pots, etc. Our Bristol based kitchen designers can help you with all of this.

The style of your kitchen

Selecting a style is so much fun. You can choose to go in so many different directions here. There are two specific kitchen styles that have taken 2020 by storm, so we’re going to dive into those. 

If you’re not sure which kitchen design is right for you, there’s no need to worry, our team of experts are here to help you with any project. All you have to do is contact us

Traditional Kitchens

The traditional style is a timeless look. Defined by its clean, comforting, and inviting aesthetic, a traditional kitchen makes use of classic design elements and an abundance of fresh colours to create a look that is elegant. Expect to see white walls with a wood floor that accent each other perfectly. 

Small details are what make traditional kitchens pop. Detailing like glass cupboard doors are often used, along with coordinating backsplashes, polished floors, modern stainless steel appliances, and gorgeous marble countertops. Most traditional kitchens take up a lot of space and have an island or a breakfast bar involved as well. 

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are sleek and modern. A kitchen styled in a contemporary fashion is constantly updating with the times. It is casual yet polished and has specific elements to give a truly smooth aesthetic. 

Straight, crisp lines, large windows that reach from ceiling to floor, spacious and minimalist. There are endless ways to make the contemporary style your own. 

Whatever design style you choose, just make sure it is something you love. This is your space to express yourself. And remember, our Bristol-based kitchen designers are here for any of your comments, questions or concerns. 

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