Bristol’s Water Hardness

Living in Bristol is filled with advantages. We are a city filled with history and culture. One thing that can’t be ignored here in Bristol is the water; we’re surrounded by it! When you’re looking to build a new bathroom or upgrade an old one you may start asking yourself some questions surrounding water and the effects it will have on you and your new installation, so we’ve consolidated a list to help you. Let’s dive into some of the side effects that come with Bristol’s water hardness.

What is hard and soft water? 

Hard water is a way of saying that water is carrying a high mineral content. As water travels to your house it has to come from somewhere else, and as many minerals are water-soluble, these ores will follow the water to wherever it’s headed, even into your home! Bristol’s water hardness is definitely something we all have to deal with! If you have hard water you will most likely be able to tell from the residue it will leave behind on your appliances. 

Soft water is the exact opposite. If you have soft water in your home – this water will be carrying a significantly smaller number of minerals. 

Is Bristol water hard or soft?

The water here in Bristol is very hard. Since the water is travelling from springs, it is carrying everything with it all of the way to your taps. The water here is most commonly known for being filled with limescale – since this has an excessive amount. Bristol’s water hardness can’t be ignored.

If your water is carrying limescale, you will often be able to see it in areas of your home. For example, the build-up on you kettle that you have been trying to scrub away! 

What are the benefits of soft water? 

As previously mentioned, soft water is the opposite of hard. Soft water carries less minerals into your home. There are many benefits to soft water, and we’re going to dive into just a few including: 

  • Saving Money: With soft water, your appliances should last longer and work better. This means you won’t be buying new appliances on the regular. 
  • Brighter and Softer Clothes: Hard water needs twice the amount of soap to clean your clothes to the same quality as soft water. 
  • Cleaner Dishes: No more worrying about a residue being left behind on your dishes. Soft water won’t leave a cloudy remain on your silverware and glassware as hard water will. 
  • Helping the Environment: With a water softener, you won’t need as many chemicals in the home or put in your water. This in return stops these chemicals from seeping into the water streams and back into the earth. 

Does hard water damage my bathroom? 

Yes! It definitely does damage. So, keeping on top of descaling the bathroom is essential to keeping it in tip-top shape. Bristol’s water hardness can have many lasting effects on your bathroom.

Many renovations include materials such as chrome and glass, which need to be maintained. You wouldn’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your new bathroom by having your chrome additions or brand new shower covered in limescale. 

When examining for hard water damage you’ll want to check the base of taps, toilet and shower enclosure. If you leave this residue too long, it can be very hard to remove. A good way to keep on top of it is to have a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. 

Hard water can also erode silicone seals and discolours tile grout along with blocking up tap valves and heat exchanges in boilers. These can all lead to some severe issues in the future. 

While Bristol has many benefits, the hard water can be seen as a negative – but, it doesn’t have to be, because here at Balneo we have the solutions. 

What we can do to help: 

We can instal a top of the line water filtration systems to soften your water.  Not only will this help with maintaining your luxurious new bathroom installation, but it will make cleaning up a breeze. 

The benefits aren’t just aesthetics either – water will taste much nicer from the tap and your sanitary ware will last longer – who doesn’t want that? 

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom and want to make sure you are ticking all of the boxes, or if you just had a new installation and want to keep it looking nice and fresh – we have solutions. Give us a call or fill out our contact form so we can get your bathroom looking and feeling marvellous.  

What materials should I use to minimise limescale build-up?

When you’re looking to remove limescale build-up, you may have a few questions come to mind. What is the best product to use? Should I be doing this myself? What is going to work the best? Here at Balneo our team of experts have banded together to help you do the best job that you can do. 

Limescale remover and bleach are the top choices for completely eliminating limescale build-up from your home. These materials can dig deep and get rid of all of the extra bits you really don’t want. 

If you’re looking for a more natural way to keep your bathroom clean, we totally understand. Although it’s not the best option for removing limescale, vinegar can be used. Vinegar is an all-natural and chemical-free option, which might be a good choice for parents of little ones. 

Here at Balneo, our team of experts want to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible. We want your bathroom to be looking and feeling amazing. Most importantly, we want to maintain that atmosphere by making sure it’s maintained up to the highest standards.  


  1. Limescale in the kettle can create scum in your cup of tea! 
  2. Build up in the washing machine drum can damage your clothes due to creating more mineral deposit in the water.
  3. If you have limescale in the water in your iron can spit residue (brown!) on your clothes 

If you’re ready to make the change – give us a call now at 01173323685!

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