Granite tile aftercare

Granite tile aftercare:

Did you know that is extremely durable and is one of the hardest natural substances found on earth, second only to diamond? Granite tile is a great addition to any bathroom but, in order to make it last a lifetime, you will need to do some granite tile aftercare. 

This simple maintenance will leave it looking as good as it did when it was first installed.  

Why Choose Granite:

Granite is a fantastic option for any space that has water. It gets covered in a sealant that allows it to be mostly water-resistant and looks amazing in your bathroom. It also is very difficult to damage with heat. 

Even though it is a durable and beautiful material – it needs general maintenance to make it last. 

Sealing Granite Tile: 

Once your tile has been installed it will be covered with a proprietary sealer that penetrates the stone to reduce absorption. When granite tiles absorb water they will stain.

This sealant is usually carried out immediately after installation by your installer. The sealant will last years to come so you won’t need to fret about that. 

General Cleaning: 

Mild soapy water is always recommended as harsh chemicals can cause damage. All spills should be wiped up as quickly as possible to reduce any staining. 

The sealant placed on by the granite tile provider should withhold your average spillings, but to take the best care possible.

In the shower and around the bathroom you should give your tile a clean around once a week (more if it is used heavily) to reduce any build-up or damage. 

How To Handle Heavy Cleaning:

If the grub has built up high, then you will most likely need something better than mild soapy water. If the seal is great on your tiles then use bleach. This will get the area clean and functioning well. 

Installing Granite Tile: 

Our team can help you select the right tile along with installing it. Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in designing, supplying and installing your space.

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