The Perfect Bathroom Lighting

If you’re interested in updating the lighting in your bathroom, then stick with us. The perfect bathroom lighting can transform your space – so we’ll teach you all of the tips and tricks that we know down below!  

Lighting Safety:

Before you begin installing any lights in your bathroom area, it’s important to know the regulations. We’ve written an in-depth article to help you understand what lighting to use where. 

While we understand selecting your bathroom lighting for aesthetic is important, safety always comes first.  

The Perfect Bathroom Lighting: 

Before you decide what it is you’d like, it’s important to soak in as many ideas as you can beforehand. 

Find your muse with these delightfully designed lighting settings. 

Natural Bathroom Lighting For A Great Aesthetic: 

There is nothing that lets your space shine brighter than natural lights. 

We’re talking about big windows, skylights and more. 

While a natural lit bathroom isn’t an option for everyone (especially if you don’t have a window) it is something we highly recommend taking advantage of. 

There are ways you can make the small amount of natural light coming into your bathroom look like more. 

This includes:

  • Using white tiles and surfaces to reflect the light 
  • Use big mirrors to reflect more light
  • Use high-quality paint to reduce shadows forming from flakey paint
  • Careful bathroom fitting to make sure the light is shining where you need it to

Natural light works very well for getting ready and feeling your best. By getting those extra little rays of sunshine in your bathroom – you’ll be soaking up the benefits. 

But, it’s not just for looks – it’s functional as well! 

Getting ready for a big day, interview or just wanting to feel your best? Natural light will allow you to get an idea of how your “look” will look outside! 

See the example below of a stunning, modern and naturally lit bathroom. Who wouldn’t want this in their home? 

Spa-like Feeling: 

If you use your bathroom as a getaway, a space to relax and to feel your best – then you may need some spa lighting in your life. 

We recommend using one-watt low-level LEDs – these are the kind you are most likely to stumble across in a spa. 

Lighting up a stone splashback or feature wall, lights underneath a stand-alone tub and other delicate luminations are sure to have you soaking in all of the serenity. 

Think of this space as your private escape where you can focus on you.

Nothing harsh, and extra delicate – just as you deserve. 

Accent Lights for the Perfect Bathroom Lighting :

Accent lighting creates a sense of drama you won’t find with other lighting options. It is used to create a “wow” factor and draw attention to somewhere specific.

A great example of accent lighting used in the bathroom would be lengths of LED strip mounted to the under your cabinets

You can also use these lights to highlight your artwork, photos or other pieces you’ve used to decorate your wall. 

Chandeliers can also double as accent lighting. A great way to make a statement is to place a chandelier above your tub. Just be sure you are making sure you’re ticking all of the health and safety boxes before doing so. 

Adjustable Lighting:

The perfect bathroom lighting is adjustable! 

If you want a calm space to relax you simply dim and if you need full vision to get ready for the day – you brighten it up.

Adjustable lighting can come in many forms. Perhaps you have a few lamps and ceiling lights on different switches, allowing you to take full control. 

Alternatively, you just have one light switch, but it has a dial on it which lets you change it up. 

We love adjustable lighting because it lets you get exactly what you want when you want it. 

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