Upcoming Fall & Winter Bathroom Trends

Summer 2020 has been one to remember. With lots of time spent at home, you may have started to eyeball some areas you’d like to improve. The bathroom is always a great start! That’s why we’ve put together our favourite upcoming fall and winter bathroom trends for 2020. 

Whether you like to spruce things up on your own (DIY style) or are looking for an expert to help you along the way, these tips and trends are just what you need. 

Accents & Accessories:

A quick bathroom “pick me up” can be done with accessories. 

This autumn and winter, we want you to feel warm and taken care of. But, with an extra touch of luxury. 

Think about your mirror, rugs, towels and lighting. All of these simple changes can have a  huge impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. 

Does your mirror offer you everything you need? 

Is it large enough and bright enough? Could you spice it up with a frame or perhaps even a new shape? 

Do you have a comfortable and snug rug in your bathroom? 

This can help pull together the perfect winter vibe and offer your toes a space to warm and dry. 

What about your lighting? 

Adjustable lighting and mood lighting can make all of the difference. In the wintertime, you may like to unwind in your tub and soak up the heat. You should have the perfect lighting available to amplify that experience.  

Before you make any lighting decisions, however, check out this safety guide

Fall & Winter Bathroom Trends: Colours & Tiles

One of the most effective ways to update your bathroom is with a new colour scheme. You can do this with paint or tiles. 

When we imagine the top trends for the final months of 2020, we are thinking clean and modern. 

We also need a bit of a cosy vibe. 

As we have all been spending more time at home, you’ve probably noticed how important it is to be comfortable. 

In a nutshell, 2020 Fall & Winter Bathroom Trends are: 

  • Clean and Neat
  • Modern
  • Cosy 
  • Functional 

If you’re looking to represent that in you tiles and colours: 

  • Warm accents 
  • Marble and square tiles
  • Deep and rich hues 
  • Funky tile patterns 

You’ll want a colour that will last you all year long – so sticking with the modern look will do you well. We don’t see it going out of style anytime soon. 

You can also enhance your colour scheme with a quick switch of towels and accents to complete your look. 

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