What is Bathroom Fitting?

Here at Balneo, we consider ourselves Bristol-based bathroom fitting experts – but what does that mean? With terms like bathroom fitting, sanitary fittings, bathroom installations and more, you can easily feel a little lost or overwhelmed. We’re here today to clear the air and have you walk away knowing a bit more than you might have already! 

What does bathroom fitting really mean? 

Installing or fitting a bathroom is the process that happens after you’ve selected which bathroom furniture to go into your bathroom. It really is best to ask for guidance from a bathroom fitter when supplying your own products. Not only do they make sure every piece is placed exactly where it needs to go, but they also will minimise the possibility of any issues forming in the future by sensible selections and future-proofing.  

Selecting your own tradesmen or company to install your bathroom puts you in control. While bathroom retailers may offer this service themselves or recommend a specific person, the quality of work can not compare to those who have been doing it for years and years. We are passionate about the projects we take on and ensure a standard of quality that simply can not be beaten. 

What about choosing what goes into my bathroom? 

If you’re still not sure what items you’d like to be displayed in your bathroom, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Here at Balneo, we have experts to assist you with every step of the way. Designing an area is just as important as fitting it out correctly. 

From the floors to the countertops, mirrors, lighting and more. Every last detail will be selected carefully with the bigger picture in mind. We even offer photo-realistic CAD drawings! Viewing your designs in this format can help you visualise all of your dreams and turn them into a reality.

Selecting the right bathroom fitter.

Choosing a person or business to fit your bathroom is a big deal, and making an informed decision is crucial. Now, of course, we know that we’re the best bathroom fitters in Bristol, but we want you to work that one out for yourself too! Here are some steps you should take before hiring a bathroom fitter: 

  1. Check their reviews online. Do they have any? Are they positive, negative, or are there any concerns that arise from this? 
  2. View their gallery. If a tradesman is proud of their work, they’ll be taking photos! Does this person/business have a Facebook or Instagram? Are they active? What does their work look like?
  3. Give them a call. This will be your first introduction. Are they friendly? Do they feel excited and inviting?
  4. Have them come to visit you for a consultation and a quote. Here at Balneo, we offer free consultations. Absolutely no obligations, just a chance to meet our amazing team and a chance for us to learn a bit more about your project.

By following these simple steps, you’ll find the right business in no time. Bathroom fitting or bathroom installation is the cherry on top. There’s nothing more important than making sure everything is exactly where it needs to be. When you’re ready to get your free quote, give us a ring at 0117 332 3685 – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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